Data from Smart Meter

When local utilities started installing smart meters, many people got upset. I don’t really buy the health concerns while every other house in my neighborhood has a wifi network. And if you ever go to a coffee shop, you are most likely getting a blast of radiation from their wifi with that cup of joe. I would rather have a say on the reach of my neighbors’ wifi signal than on smart meters.

And then, there is the privacy issue. Does smart meter provide that much more advantage than a human meter reader? Manual reading of meters can be taken as frequently as smart meters if there is a video camera aiming at the meter all the time. Well, that would be a rather boring video and the YouTube hits would go nowhere. Another argument is related to the tracking of the residents’ activities. Aren’t we sharing all that on Twitter and Facebook? The utilities might know when I am not home but they won’t know what I had for lunch yesterday while a ton of people are sharing their lunches online. I suppose opting in to share is not the same as having the data to find out without you knowing. But smart meters are the small potatoes. Our emails and text messages are already being tracked by the giant data center in Utah. Wouldn’t you rather be protesting against the large scale data scooping than the small ones that track when we suck too much electricity?

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