Kitchen renovation, part 4

It’s slow going at this point of the remodel. We jumped into the holiday sale rush and ordered appliances. But now, we have all the appliances in the way of getting things done. The fridge is in the middle of the room because we have to keep it out of the way for a carpenter to install trims on our entryways. The range is in the middle of the living room, blocking part of the couch. The new faucet is on top of range. The sink is in the living room in front of the fireplace. The dishwasher is in the range opening to make room for the fridge. And I suspect the fridge might be too big. It would fit in the space next to the entryway but the door handles might stick out quite a bit into a high traffic area. Continue reading “Kitchen renovation, part 4”


Kitchen renovation, part 3

It’s been more than two months since the last time I blogged about the kitchen remodel. Well, guess what? The IKEA cabinets took us two months to install!! And we only got the frames attached to the walls. No doors, drawers, or shelves yet. But if we add up the total amount of hours we spent on hanging cabinets, it won’t add up to two months. We did the work in the weekends only. And recently, hubby has started training with the local Search and Rescue which has an overnight outing in the woods in the weekend once a month. Continue reading “Kitchen renovation, part 3”

Kitchen renovation, part 2

The initial adrenaline of the kitchen remodel got us steamrolling through demolition, insulation and putting up drywall. When we reached the mud and tape stage, the endless coats of joint compound and sanding in between burnt us out. Let me say it out loud. Sanding joint compound is a bitch! Is there anything worse in home renovation? Please tell me. When we finally called it quit with the joint compound, we were covered head to toe by the dust. Hubby said we had enough dust on us to make a kung fu video showing all our moves with dust flying. And it’s true. I gently punched his chest and a dust cloud came up. Continue reading “Kitchen renovation, part 2”

Kitchen renovation, part 1

It’s been 3 weeks since hubby and I started renovating our kitchen. It’s progressing faster than I thought. I don’t have any expectation on the schedule which happens to be almost everyone’s question. In my opinion, if you have an expectation on when a major home renovation will be done, you will only be disappointed. My high hope is we don’t go over the budget too much.

Demolition took more than 2 days. We got the built-in cabinets and the plaster/drywall combo walls and ceiling taken out in a weekend. We were puzzled by the multi-layered flooring. A relative suggested cutting everything up using a circular saw setting at a height just above the subfloor. We were a little worried that there might be asbestos in one of those layers. I asked the contractor who we hired to do plumbing and electrical work. He thought we should be safe but recommended against using power tools. When I told hubby about it, he decided he would remove the floor by prying from the bottom layer of tongue and groove flooring. It worked really well. Saved us time from pulling the the top 2 layers of old vinyl which were really hard to take out. Besides, the tongue and groove flooring could not be saved. There was a layer of tar-like adhesive under the vinyl and the black stuff was not budging using hand tools. Continue reading “Kitchen renovation, part 1”