Using Hardy Heron for the first time

After upgrading my laptop to Ubuntu Hardy Heron, I used the laptop last night to start writing the post about the upgrade when I was watching the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony. The ceremony was spectacular but the frequent commercials were driving me nuts. I wish NBC would have shown the artistic portions commercial free. Continue reading “Using Hardy Heron for the first time”

D-Link RangeBooster G PC card works with Ubuntu

Since I repeated my feat of installing Ubuntu Feisty Fawn on the second laptop I got from the auction at work, I haven’t bought a wireless PC card for it. For the first laptop, I bought a TRENDnet TEW-441PC Wireless Super G PC Card for $14.99 at Circuit City and it worked flawlessly with Ubuntu. I felt hesitant to buy a different card since it is hard to tell if any other PC cards work just as well. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get the TRENDnet card locally anymore. Buy online would cost me $29.99 on the Circuit City website and they don’t offer the mail-in rebate that was available for my last purchase. They do offer free shipping for orders over $24. But in the spirit of not wasting all the materials and fuel involved in shipping, I decided to look for another wireless PC card to buy locally. Continue reading “D-Link RangeBooster G PC card works with Ubuntu”