Basement renovation – finale

Almost 7 months has passed since I last blogged about the basement. Well, it was really a labor of love and a marathon. During the moving-back-in phase, we completed a few major finishing touches.

IKEA cabinets redux

Hubby and I had a boat load of experience installing IKEA kitchen cabinets (at least for the discontinued Akurum series) from the kitchen remodel several years ago. For the basement, we installed a bunch in the study and the family room. Per the previous post, I made my own countertop for the study. Once the countertop was complete, we moved onto installing the drawers and doors.

The final frontier was an undercounter freezer. It took quite an effort to level the freezer because the entire basement floor is sloped towards the floor drain in the utility room. The other issue I ran into was the freezer door handle. The handle that came with the freezer is a piece of ugly plastic. I measured the distance between the preset holes on the door, searched online and found that a sliding glass door handle would fit. The piece I need is part of a package for the locking mechanism of a sliding glass door. It costs less than $20 so I took a chance on it and the black metal handle looks great.

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Plumbing hack: IKEA bathroom sink drain connections

I spent two weekends installing the IKEA Odensvik sink and Godmorgon cabinet in the basement bathroom. It’s super tricky. I researched several postings online before starting the install.

The most difficult part is assembling the sink drain connections. The cabinet has two drawers that do not occupy the full depth of the cabinet in order to provide some space for the plumbing connections. That little amount of space trips up a lot of people. After I saw photos of this hack, I was somewhat hopeful that I can make it work. However, the waste line for my sink is pointing straight out, no 90-degree elbow as shown in those photos. And my guess is that almost everyone else is in the same boat. I read several other postings about cutting into the back of the drawers. I was determined to avoid that trouble. Here’s the end result of my hack:

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