Taming Apple Mail

I bought a used Mac Mini from work and upgraded the OS to Snow Leopard. I have no use for Apple Mail because I check my email on the web. I removed Apple Mail from Dock and thought I won’t have to see it ever again. Not so. It kept loading at startup asking me to set up an account. I pressed cancel each time. It didn’t happen every time I turned on the computer but it happened enough times to make it annoying. I checked the Login Items in the Accounts setting of System Preferences and Apple Mail was not listed. Continue reading “Taming Apple Mail”

Transferred everything from Apple Mail to hosted Google Apps

My ISP decided that their email service sucks because they offer limited space (100MB! oh, please) and spam is a huge problem. Earlier this week, the ISP announced they are moving to Google Apps. My email address is changing (though slightly). This is a mini shock to me. I’ve been with the same ISP since 2001. I resisted getting one of those free webmail accounts so I can avoid changing email addresses if things go south. I started with dial up service and resisted signing up for cable to wait for DSL to be installed around where I lived. Even when my phone company offers a cheaper combo package of DSL with MSN, I still prefer having my local ISP to handle my internet service. Local businesses are getting sucked up by corporate America everyday so I try to support local businesses as much as I can. Continue reading “Transferred everything from Apple Mail to hosted Google Apps”