The power of Chinese medicine

I’ve been a believer of Chinese medicine since the third grade. Back then, I had a 103-degree fever that wouldn’t go away for three days and my mom took me to see a different Western medicine doctor each day. A relative recommended a Chinese medicine doctor and I guess mom was ready to try anything by that point. The doctor prescribed me some black pasty herbal pills and a formula of Chinese herbal tea. I was up watching TV hours after taking the medicine. My mom thought it was quite amazing since I had stayed in bed for days.

Growing up, I continued to seek out Chinese medicine whenever I got ill.  And I was always sick with a high fever and the common cold. When I got the same thing the first Christmas I spent in Portland, I was away from my immediate family. My aunt hadn’t had any experience with Chinese medicine. She gave me regular Tylenol and I still kept boiling up. My temperature reached 104 degrees at one point. I’ve been at 103 degrees many times and that wasn’t bad. At 104 degrees, I was delirious. The ceiling was turning. Brain cells must be frying. I don’t remember one bit how I came back to life. Continue reading “The power of Chinese medicine”