Charting home energy usage

After finishing the epic 1+ year long kitchen remodel, I lost quite a bit of steam to blog and remodel. But the creative juices continue flowing. I am still reading my beloved This Old House magazines and getting new ideas all the time. The bathroom remodel will be next. The planning is really slow going. Meanwhile, I thought I blog about something I’ve been meaning to share for a long time.

Ever since we bought the house, we’ve done quite a bit of home improvement. Back in my college days, I studied HVAC with some classes on power generation. I am really curious as to whether we have improved the energy usage in our home based on the significant improvements we put into it. The only way to tell is to get my hands on energy usage data and a lot of it. It dawned on me that I can grab the electricity usage data from my utility bills. I logged onto my account at the power company website and started copying the monthly meter readings.

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How to set up a meals per diem calculator spreadsheet

Calculating per diem seems like such a chore at work. Although I am not doing much directly related to travel, I am starting to be involved in getting several outside contractors paid. I am thinking that when they travel, I might have to figure out their per diem. It is still unclear how much we promise to pay or not pay. I went ahead with experimenting with a spreadsheet to calculate meals per diem. From this point, I am going to start referring the spreadsheet as the MPDC, i.e. the Meals Per Diem Calculator! Continue reading “How to set up a meals per diem calculator spreadsheet”