Snowshoeing can get difficult

My hubby and I spent last weekend near Mt. Hood. I got a good deal on Expedia to stay at The Resort at the Mountain at $250 (with tax, etc) for 2 nights. According to their website, the cheapest room starts at $139/ night. If it wasn’t the recession, I wouldn’t have gotten the deal. The hotel has just completed a major renovation. I don’t know how it looked before but it now has a modern interior, sort of another W Hotel wannabe. The outside of the buildings didn’t appear to have any work done. Gray two-story buildings all around. One building has a broken gutter hanging off the roof. However, considering we stayed at the Vegabond Lodge a few weeks ago, this past weekend was a major improvement. Continue reading “Snowshoeing can get difficult”

When it snows, beer is the only thing you can count on

The snow is finally showing signs of major melting today. I can see much of my lawn and plants. I can also see black asphalt on the streets outside my house instead of slush. The main thing I learned from the snow storm is that Safeway is fairly dependable in terms of staying open through bad weather. And the other lesson is that when Starbucks are not getting its supply of milk and the garbage haulers cannot pick up garbage, beer delivery is the only thing you can count on.

Snow Day #? (I lost count…)

It feels like the snow has been around forever but in reality, it’s week 2. The temperature is above freezing today at slightly below 40 degrees. Just yesterday, there was a heavy snow fall mid-afternoon. Some might say the snow storm is officially over. It’s hard to believe it though when many side streets where snow plows will never visit are rutted with channels of snow. And most of the retaining wall of my yard is still completely covered. Not to mention the plants that were put in the ground early last summer. I haven’t seen most of them for days. The terrain around town changes all the time: bare pavement, thin layer of compacted slush, thick virgin snow, and mini-mountains piled up by snow shovels. The buses are still chained up. The bus I got on earlier today should have required passengers to wear ear plugs because the chains were banging constantly underneath. Continue reading “Snow Day #? (I lost count…)”

Walking outside in a blizzard

Snow covered houseIt’s been snowing mad in the Pacific Northwest. I don’t know how you qualify the weather condition as a blizzard but it sure looks like one out there today. My hubby and I walked to the Safeway store less than a mile away from our house. It was not an easy task. Snow was blowing hard onto our faces.

When we first left the house, the roof was already covered pretty well by the snow. Our tiny front porch was completely covered, too and I was surprised to not see our welcome mat when we opened the door to step out. Continue reading “Walking outside in a blizzard”