TEDxPortland highlights notegraphied

I used to collect quotes and carried them around in a day planner. That habit stopped when day planners went out of style. Recently, I discovered Notegraphy and it quickly became my favorite app for collecting quotes. After attending last Saturday’s TEDxPortland, I decided it’s time to put the app into high gear.

A morning of emotions

TEDxPortland started off with a bang by Aaron Draplin’s talk in light speed. He was spitting out words of wisdom so fast that I could barely get them written down in my notebook. I managed to capture the best one:

Aaron Draplin: Invent your life!

Nong Poonsukwattana was the perfect speaker to follow Aaron. Her personality is as big as his and her life story grounded all of us. She left Thailand to get away from her abusive father. She worked 7 days a week at Thai restaurants and then opened her own food cart. Her parting words for all of us are the simplest of the day:

Nong Poonsukwattana: Make it big!

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My first BarCamp

I went to BarCamp Portland last weekend. It’s my first BarCamp. Even though I read about the definition and checked out some videos about BarCamp beforehand, it was still hard to expect what it would be like. BarCamp was started by the tech community and in the non-tech setting, I guess they call it the Open Space Technology.

Part of my day job involves event planning. I mentioned the idea of BarCamp / unconference at work. The response is “it’s interesting” but the higher power that be would not go for it. I helped organize numerous highly ordered conferences with set schedule of sessions and I am starting to get tired of this old format. After I read about a real life experience in a non-tech setting, I am completely sold on the BarCamp idea. Still, I didn’t know how it works. This is the main reason why I went to BarCamp Portland. Continue reading “My first BarCamp”

Why Presentation Zen?

I’ve recently become a fan of Garr Reynolds, author of the blog and book, Presentation Zen. I stumbled into his blog by accident one day and totally fell in love with his preaching on making better presentations. I even tried out some of his tips recently. He is giving a webcast on Monday December 15th. I’ve already signed up. Can’t wait.

There is snow and arctic weather in the forecast for tomorrow and the upcoming week. If I end up not having to go to work on Monday, I will try to live blog during the webcast. In case you want to know what the hype is all about, check out the video of him presenting at Google. The video is over 1 hour long but it’s totally worth it.

Present PowerPoint from an iPod for real

I have a 5th Generation iPod for quite some time. I mostly carried it on the bus with me to listen to music on my work commute. I used it a few times to share slideshows at parties. To do that, I dock the iPod onto a DLO HomeDock Deluxe which has outputs for S-video and RCA to connect to a TV or LCD projector. When I was asked to present a workshop at a conference last month, I decided to ditch Google Presentation and try presenting a PowerPoint slideshow through the DLO unit. Continue reading “Present PowerPoint from an iPod for real”