Share on Ovi system migration woes

A while back, I blogged about how I prefer to use Share on Ovi to share photos, videos and other files online. My excitement dropped a little when a system migration of the site took place recently. The first email I received about the migration says:

As part of improving your experience with Share on Ovi we will be merging our sign in system with in the coming weeks. To ensure your account migrates correctly you will need to follow these instructions immediately.

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Sharing media on a new level

A while back, I wrote about starting to use “23” to share photos online. Soon I learned photo sharing is not the big hype after all. When I started making videos, I began searching for a site that would allow me to share photos and videos.  Several photo sharing sites added video sharing to their services but it is not enough for me.  I also want to be able to share PDF files, PowerPoint presentations, etc all in one place.  Google Docs has become somewhat limited to me in terms of storage and sharing.  I looked into online storage but free accounts have limits on storage space and file size.  I have an external hard drive to back up my computer already so I don’t really need what some online storage services offer in that arena. Continue reading “Sharing media on a new level”

Joining the photo sharing crowd

Photo sharing is probably one of the most popular Web 2.0 activities. I haven’t joined in on the action all this time because I am looking for the right service/tool. A lot of people use Flickr but its limitations (read this and this) deter me. A few days ago, I stumbled into 23 and their FAQ explains quite well about their free account which seems to me only have a limitation on uploading 30 photos a month and nothing else. No limit on tags, contacts, albums, and storage – all these are issues of a free Flickr account. So, I jumped in today and had a pretty good time with it. Continue reading “Joining the photo sharing crowd”