Living without cable

We bid farewell to Comcast basic cable a few months ago. We don’t really miss it. This is after I put together a complicated setup to record DTV and stream movies. None of the gear is top of the line and not the latest and greatest either. But it serves us well.

Transition to DTV

Starting with the TV, it is a Toshiba 50″ TheaterView Projection TV. This is one of those giant old TV’s that is almost as tall as my shoulder when I stand next to it. We bought it used from hubby’s younger brother. Before having this “luxury”, we had a 19″ CRT TV which I sold at a garage sale. Our family room is in the basement. This TV is so big and heavy that there is no way it will emerge from below ground again!

The TV does not have a digital tuner. When there was still a chance to apply for a coupon from the govt for a converter box, I did it just for the heck of it. Basic cable worked just fine on our TV after the transition to DTV was completed in my area. We heard about people making their own antenna for DTV so we thought we give it a try. And to our surprise, our homemade antenna worked very well (with a converter box) in the basement. The channels that came in with strong signals were crystal clear. I doubt any of the old tech antenna would have performed as well before DTV for us.

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The Dark Knight on IMAX

I read about the new Batman movie premiere in the news today and also heard that it is being shown at IMAX theaters. There is only one IMAX theater in my state showing the film. I checked the showtimes online. The shows on both Thursday and Friday nights are all sold out. If I am a serious fan, I can go to the 1:40am show on Friday (i.e. Saturday morning). That seems a bit extreme. Besides, why so serious?! I bought tickets to a mid-afternoon show on Saturday. Can’t wait! Continue reading “The Dark Knight on IMAX”