Boycott “Made in China”, that’s unpossible

First off, if you think my spelling sucks based on the title of this post, you must not be a Simpsons fan. Ralph Wiggum has a famous line on The Simpsons that says, “Me fail English? That’s unpossible.” I can’t wait to see the Simpsons movie.

Now that’s clear, let’s get to the focus of this post. I am reading the book, A Year Without “Made in China”: One Family’s True Life Adventure in the Global Economy by Sara Bongiorni. The latest mishaps of Chinese goods/ingredients/parts have caused some scare in consumers. I read in one news article about a woman swearing off from buying anything made in China after her dog got sick from the pet food that had contaminated wheat gluten manufactured in China. Aside from saying she is making her own pet food, there is no other details on how she is going to achieve her new resolution. But would making your own pet food help you avoid Chinese-made ingredients? Unless the pet food is made out of 100% fresh local produce (assuming what the farmers use to grow the food is exempt, think farm tools, fertilizer, etc), it seems impossible to be sure it’s free of China. I always think that a Made-in-China boycott would mean running around naked but I have no proof how hard it would be. When I read an article about Bongiorni’s book, I was like this got to be good. Continue reading “Boycott “Made in China”, that’s unpossible”