The power of Chinese medicine

I’ve been a believer of Chinese medicine since the third grade. Back then, I had a 103-degree fever that wouldn’t go away for three days and my mom took me to see a different Western medicine doctor each day. A relative recommended a Chinese medicine doctor and I guess mom was ready to try anything by that point. The doctor prescribed me some black pasty herbal pills and a formula of Chinese herbal tea. I was up watching TV hours after taking the medicine. My mom thought it was quite amazing since I had stayed in bed for days.

Growing up, I continued to seek out Chinese medicine whenever I got ill.  And I was always sick with a high fever and the common cold. When I got the same thing the first Christmas I spent in Portland, I was away from my immediate family. My aunt hadn’t had any experience with Chinese medicine. She gave me regular Tylenol and I still kept boiling up. My temperature reached 104 degrees at one point. I’ve been at 103 degrees many times and that wasn’t bad. At 104 degrees, I was delirious. The ceiling was turning. Brain cells must be frying. I don’t remember one bit how I came back to life. Continue reading “The power of Chinese medicine”

Diagnosed and fixed the electric hot water heater for under $40

The hot water heater stopped working over the Memorial Day weekend. I found out when I showered and the water went from lukewarm to cold on Sunday. My husband looked over the user manual of the water heater and reset the “High Temperature Limit Switch”. The water was hot again when he took a shower. We thought problem solved. Then on Monday, the same problem happened to me in the shower again. Even my hairdryer was dying, blowing lukewarm air so I was pretty cold for several hours. Continue reading “Diagnosed and fixed the electric hot water heater for under $40”

iTunes movie rental – the fine prints

My hubby and I rarely watch a movie. We rent or go out to watch a movie may be once every two months. The new movie rental offering on iTunes seems to be a good match for us. When I heard that you can watch the movie on the iPod, I got even more excited because I have a DLO HomeDock Deluxe which is the middle man between an iPod and a TV. The whole thing seems to be too good to be true. Continue reading “iTunes movie rental – the fine prints”