Basement renovation – part 6

Has it been two years since we demoed the basement? We are getting there real soon. Hubby is not amused. But we have come so far! We passed the final permit inspection today. I mean this is IT. We got signed off on the line “Okay to Occupy” on the inspection record card. If we stop everything there is still to do, we can drag some furniture down there to get comfy.

And yet, the ordeal is far from over. Let’s backtrack from the last blog post.

Plumbing – complete

After passing final inspections for electrical and mechanical, I got right back to work to finish plumbing. The IKEA sink and drain connections were quite a challenge. I figured it all out in 2 weekends.

The next challenge was installing the hand shower. The shower bar involved drilling into tile. I had no experience in that department. Luckily, a bunch of online videos led me to the special drill bit and technique to tackle the job. It was not difficult at all but it must be approached slowly so as not to crack the tile.

Once the hard part was out of the way, the rest of the shower installation was simply following the manufacturer’s instructions to install the shower head and trim kit (cover and control knobs). Turning on the shower for the first time was a triumph. Everything works! Hurray!

Got doors

Below stairs access panel

Access panel below the stairs

One of the final frontiers of hiring professional help is doors and trim. We needed three interior doors and a pair of bifold doors plus all the trim work. There is an oddly shaped opening under the stairs that was a special ask of the drywall contractor. There are also two windows to be trimmed and the egress window needs a sill. I was more than happy to sit back and let the pros take over on all that work. After many weeks of lead time and two days of installation, it was time for hubby to pick up the paint brush again. Unfortunately, I am not much help. He is the cut-in guy and I am the roller. I am good with painting walls and not much else. However, I was able to contribute through caulking and sanding wood putty.

Vinyl floor – old meets new

Following soon behind the doors is the flooring installer. Most of the basement was covered by old vinyl tile underneath carpet. After discarding the carpet and padding, it seems like we’ve been walking on the old vinyl forever. It’s ugly and breaking up at the perimeter and transitions. I can’t wait to cover this eye sore. I prefer a hard surface while hubby wants carpet. I visited several vendors and decided on luxury vinyl tile. My final choice comes in long planks that click together. It has wood grain texture and pattern. It looks like the real thing. I wonder who can figure out at first glance that it’s not a hardwood floor.

It’s so close, yet so far

What else do we have to do? Plenty! I made some measurements earlier this week and found out we need over 120 feet of baseboard! That also means a ton of paint work. And I still need to figure out the countertop situation. That’s a whole new blog post altogether.


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