Design Thinking course finale

This is part of a series of blog posts in regards to the online class, Design Thinking Action Lab offered by Stanford University. Click here to check out the entire series.

The last week of the Design Thinking Action Lab is a wrap up. We were introduced to how design thinking is practiced in many different arenas, in education, large corporation, etc. The lecture has links to many new postings on the forum. Although I haven’t had time to check out all of them, here’s a video from one of the postings that brought a big smile to my face.

The assignment was a reflection of the course. One part of it asked us to create a map/graphic representation of the design thinking process we experienced. I started drafting my process on my “window white board” and assembled it in Prezi. The end result is not as intricate as my submissions for the other assignments because my brain was a bit drained from the previous week. I think it at least conveyed my feelings about the design thinking process.

After the course has officially ended, we got another “assignment”. We were asked to submit an image for a mosaic of the course. The image has to represent something we learned from the course. I chose one of the images from my prototypes. I haven’t made any sketches for many years. The prototypes reminded me how much fun it is to be creative with ink and paper.


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