Creativity Course assignment 9 (finale)

This is part of a series of blog posts in regards to the online class, A Crash Course on Creativity offered by the Venture Lab at Stanford University. Click here to check out the entire series.

After the final team project, there is one last lecture and assignment. The lecture focused on the importance of experimentation and gaining insights from failures. One of the additional resources is this TED video about Tinkering School:

I would have loved to attend such a school. I wish home remodeling is as forgiving. After too many trips to Home Depot and the neighborhood hardware store, I’ve definitely learned a lot from my failures!

As for the assignment, there are two parts. The first part is a short essay reflecting on the course. An essay doesn’t feel creative to me. I decided to create a comic strip to emulate a classmate’s submission for a previous assignment in regards to the Six Thinking Hats (check out these three images: 1, 2, 3). My drawing skills are in decline so I looked for an online service and landed on ToonDoo. The interface is a simple drag and drop of characters, objects, scenes, etc plus some customizations like colors, size and flipping. But there is a limited number of panels for each comic strip. The final product required merging 3 strips in Photoshop and I added a plug for this blog. Let’s see how many people would check out the link.

Comic strip

Part two of the assignment is called the Six Word Lesson. We have to use six words to describe our favorite lesson, make a sign with those words and take a photo with it somewhere that illustrates where we are in the world. For the sign, I cut out letters from newspaper and magazines to spell out the words. That’s the easy part. The photo requirement is kind of a tall order. It’s raining hard and the temperature was stuck around 42 degrees F outside. Hubby and I walked all over to find the perfect shot. We got soaked. The sign survived since I covered it with a sheet protector. Hubby said I should take my next class in the summer. Well, I think it would be hard to find another class to match the bizarreness of the assignments in this Creativity course.


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