Creativity Course assignment 3

This is the third blog post for A Crash Course on Creativity. Click here and here to read the first two posts. Lecture 3 is about framing and reframing. It means looking at things from different angles to reach new solutions, insights, or discoveries. I was blown away by one of the examples – the virtual shopping experience created by Tesco Homeplus of South Korea. It’s the best use of QR code I’ve ever seen. Check out this video:

Onward to the assignment. Well, it’s about a loaf of bread. No joke. One loaf of bread. The challenge is to look at bread in a new way. What will you do with one loaf of bread? And this is a team project. I let the Venture Lab software pick the team for me. 2 out of 4 teammates responded to my messages and we had a Google hangout to quickly decide on a plan of actions. After sharing some photos through Dropbox and editing a script in Google Docs, we got a solid foundation for a hilarious infomercial. Hopefully, I didn’t totally miss the point of this assignment. I had a lot of fun anyway. Besides, I got it done before 10pm tonight. This was less stressful than assignment 2.

Update (Nov 20, 2012): This assignment was the first one that the course imposed a peer review period. The previous assignments were simply listed in mass. There were voting and commenting feature but nothing serious. The peer review of assignment 3 has a scoring system plus comments on specifics for what was liked and not understood, changes, and new ideas. My team did pretty well. The voice-over was the main cause of the low score but everything else was very close to the highest score of 9 in each category.


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