Creativity Course assignment 2

This is the 2nd blog post for A Crash Course on Creativity. Click here to read the first one. Lecture 2 is about paying attention. The idea is that if you can make observations that everyone else misses, you will find interesting insights and hidden opportunities. The assignment centered around that idea and it required us to visit 6 stores to make observations. It’s a lot of work for a one-week assignment. The instructor extended the deadline for 2 days after Sandy hit the east coast. My best wishes to all the students in the east coast and I hope everything gets back to normal for you all soon.

The deadline extension gave me more time to reflect on the true purpose of the assignment. It came with a worksheet called “Observation Lab” which consists of a long list of questions about the features of a store, such as lighting, flooring, how employees interact, sound, smell, etc. I carried the worksheets to the stores but I soon realized it limited me from really looking for the hidden gems. I was particularly attracted to signs. If I had time, I would have made another video titled, “The Signs of Our Time”! Anyhow, I had to focus on the work at hand. I was up past midnight four nights in a row to finish it. Here’s the end product:


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