Taming Apple Mail

I bought a used Mac Mini from work and upgraded the OS to Snow Leopard. I have no use for Apple Mail because I check my email on the web. I removed Apple Mail from Dock and thought I won’t have to see it ever again. Not so. It kept loading at startup asking me to set up an account. I pressed cancel each time. It didn’t happen every time I turned on the computer but it happened enough times to make it annoying. I checked the Login Items in the Accounts setting of System Preferences and Apple Mail was not listed.

I was getting impatient at one point and used AppZapper to remove Apple Mail altogether. That made it worse. The OS was looking for it at every startup. Time Machine came into the rescue and brought this annoying beast back to life. I was back to square one with the auto-loading at startup problem.

Then I thought there has to be a file that causes this. I looked into all the Library folders and found nothing. It suddenly dawned on me that there are files hidden normally from view. And I found the culprit:

  1. Open the Applications folder.
  2. Right click on Mail.
  3. Select Show Package Contents.
  4. In the new window, open the Contents folder.
  5. Open the MacOS folder.
  6. A Unix Executive File called Mail is now in view.
  7. Move this file to Trash.
  8. Close all the windows.

Since then, I haven’t seen Apple Mail showing up uninvited. If you want to follow suit, please be warned that you are doing it at your own risk. I have no idea what the Unix Executive File is all about.

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