Kitchen renovation, part 4

It’s slow going at this point of the remodel. We jumped into the holiday sale rush and ordered appliances. But now, we have all the appliances in the way of getting things done. The fridge is in the middle of the room because we have to keep it out of the way for a carpenter to install trims on our entryways. The range is in the middle of the living room, blocking part of the couch. The new faucet is on top of range. The sink is in the living room in front of the fireplace. The dishwasher is in the range opening to make room for the fridge. And I suspect the fridge might be too big. It would fit in the space next to the entryway but the door handles might stick out quite a bit into a high traffic area.

Meanwhile, we are still undecided on the backsplash. Tiles are so hard to choose. I can’t believe all the options out there. It’s endless. Picking out the floor was much easier after we got our mind set on marmoleum. Tiles keep my head spinning. Ceramic, glass, stone, mixture of everything. 1″X1″, 5/8″ X 3″ brick pattern, or a mosaic of 5/8″ in lengths of 2″, 4″, and 6″. A feature over the range or not? We worry that we would end up with something we get tired of very quickly. Not to mention I forgot to include backsplash in the budget! Doh!! We can at least be comforted by the fact that hubby has a tile guy in the family and he lives just down the block from us. He got our name into the system at a contractor place to buy tiles at cost and he won’t charge us much for the labor.

We managed to finalize one decision recently, sort of. After visiting the lighting store 3 times, we have settled on a light fixture and shade for the middle the room. We thought we were set after the first trip. But when we put the fixture up to the ceiling, we found out the drywall opening around the electrical box was a little too big for the fixture to cover and the shade was too big for the small room. The second trip got us the shade in the right size but the fixture looks too long. On the third trip, we got a short fixture with hopefully a large enough canopy to cover the drywall opening. However, we can’t install the fixture at the moment because the fridge is in the way. The recessed light is still the only light source in the room aside from the window and we managed to pick out an airtight trim for it just a few weeks ago. There is another light to pick above the sink/window. The drywall cutout is worse over there. We are pondering about adding a ceiling medallion.

We do have something to admire in the kitchen now. The quartz countertop was installed and it is staying for good. It was quite a bit of drama on the installation day. The template guy decided the end of the our U-shape kitchen should be a full piece of quartz from wall to wall. The problem is one of our walls bowed in towards the middle of the room because the studs were not lined up straight. Adding to the problem is the weight of solid countertop. It took 3 guys to get the big piece in place. After the big hurdle and a short break, 2 guys did the finish work on the seams. The epoxy smell was really strong. It was raining really hard outside and I didn’t get to open the windows until they left. They did fine on one seam but not too well on the other. Two other guys came back to do some polishing which splashed water all around the room.

For the upcoming weekend, we will go look at tiles again. Although the entryway trims got painted last weekend, there are some big gaps that need caulk. I started caulking the cabinet above the fridge and also putting in contact paper. That’s one cabinet done and a whole roomful more to go. Another decision making session is needed for the handles of the cabinet doors. Aside from physically tired, my brain feels drained, too.


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