I missed Ignite Portland 5

I found out about Ignite Portland recently and marked my calendar to go to its 5th appearance last week. But I didn’t feel well after a hard day of snowshoeing so I decided to stay home. Thanks to online videos, I can relive the event without waiting in the cold outside to get in and fighting the temptation of pizza and beer (I am allergic to wheat). I’ve watched several presentations. My favorite so far is Bram Pitoyo‘s The Secret History of Fonts You May Not Know Before (video). Bram gave away a T-shirt in the middle of his presentation. That’s way cool!

3 thoughts on “I missed Ignite Portland 5

  1. But how could you skip a night of staring at a huge, glowing screen amongst 700 other geeks in lieu of snowshoeing and being *outside* in the cold? 🙂

    Glad you enjoyed my presentation! If you’re ever curious about fonts (or any font-related matter), do ping me.

    • Actually, I went snowshoeing a few days before Ignite. The Mineral Jane Trail around Mt. Hood can easily beat up anyone who is not in tip top shape. 😉

      Your history lesson on fonts was fascinating. I haven’t watch all the other presentations but I think yours is the best of the night.

  2. The trail sounds like a fun place to go hiking to! I believe that everyone is secretly fascinated with the letterforms, but they just don’t know it yet 🙂

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