Snowshoeing can get difficult

My hubby and I spent last weekend near Mt. Hood. I got a good deal on Expedia to stay at The Resort at the Mountain at $250 (with tax, etc) for 2 nights. According to their website, the cheapest room starts at $139/ night. If it wasn’t the recession, I wouldn’t have gotten the deal. The hotel has just completed a major renovation. I don’t know how it looked before but it now has a modern interior, sort of another W Hotel wannabe. The outside of the buildings didn’t appear to have any work done. Gray two-story buildings all around. One building has a broken gutter hanging off the roof. However, considering we stayed at the Vegabond Lodge a few weeks ago, this past weekend was a major improvement.

We had a nice dinner at the onsite restaurant on Valentine’s Day. The food was good. And the “chocolate trio” dessert was awesome. Actually, one part of the trio was truly awesome. It was kind of a chocolate bread pudding with espresso served warm in a mug. It was to die for. Hmmmmm, chocolaaate…… (say it like Homer Simpson) is the best way to describe it. The server gave me a rose when he delivered the bill. A nice way to end the evening.

Sunday started out kind of rough. The hotel restaurant served a limited breakfast before 9am because of the Sunday brunch. We are both staying away from gluten due to food allergies. Eggs, meat and veggies are our preferred ingredients for breakfast. The limited menu didn’t meet our needs. We walked out of there and drove over to the Zigzag Inn. They have a great breakfast menu. Highly recommended.

After breakfast plus another hour of getting dressed and packed up, we were off to the mountain. When we came up a few weeks ago, we first parked at Barlow Pass Sno-park and snowshoed over an easy trail. It was kind of boring because it was just a wide road between thick and tall trees. This time around, we decided to explore a different trail. My hubby decided on the Mineral Jane Trail and I didn’t question it. May be I should have.

The trip started out downhill which was bad for the return trip. From then on, it was a lot of up and down more hills. By the time we decided to stop and sit down for a snack, we were on a part of the trail that was completely covered by fresh snow. Our snowshoes were sinking down about a foot on every step. Without the snowshoes, my feet sank at least two feet. We had to flatten an area of snow before we could sit down. There was absolutely no other living things around. It was quite beautiful.

The return trip was very hard for me although we were just going back the same way we came out. My right knee which has bothered me off and on for years started to hurt from walking uphill through deep snow. Once we were back on the trail-well-traveled, it was still a lot of uphill. At one point, my left leg cramped up and I fell down onto the snow in pain. There wasn’t much to be done so I got up and started walking again. I stopped quite a number of times to catch my breath. But hubby said I was walking kind of fast whenever I was moving (probably more of a rhythm than walking fast). Our return trip ended up taking less time than our way out, most likely because we stopped many times to remove a few layers when we first started.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

After all the hard work, we stopped at Government Camp for some warm food and drinks. It was nice to relax and catch up with our bodies. More than a week before the trip, I got excited about trying out a snow bike at Skibowl. We got exhausted from snowshoeing and my knee wasn’t really up to it. I sure hope we get to snow bike some day. When we got back to the hotel, we looked at the map and found out we were on a “more difficult” blue diamond trail. It wasn’t the “most difficult” black diamond but it was hard enough for me. Next time, I better take part in deciding where to go or else, it would be “difficult”.


One thought on “Snowshoeing can get difficult

  1. Oh come on! That trail was the one you wanted to hike on our very first day, after we did the road walk as a warm up. We were just a little too cold to stay out there that day. Glad you had a good time overall though, and enjoyed the scenery. It was beautiful there, made even better by it just being the two of us with no one else around.

    We’ll have to plan a snow biking trip in the next few weekends…after we figure out what is going to be done about my tooth!

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