Walking outside in a blizzard

Snow covered houseIt’s been snowing mad in the Pacific Northwest. I don’t know how you qualify the weather condition as a blizzard but it sure looks like one out there today. My hubby and I walked to the Safeway store less than a mile away from our house. It was not an easy task. Snow was blowing hard onto our faces.

When we first left the house, the roof was already covered pretty well by the snow. Our tiny front porch was completely covered, too and I was surprised to not see our welcome mat when we opened the door to step out.

I was pretty bundled up. I wore thermal undershirt, turtleneck, 3 wool sweaters, one hooded sweatshirt jacket, a down jacket, plus a waterproof outer shell. For my legs, I wore a pair of long johns, corduroy pants, and a pair of insulated ski bib. At around 25 degrees with strong wind, I was quite toasty. I bought the bib at Goodwill for like $10 or $20 many years ago. I’ve only used it to go snowshoeing so far. I wore it earlier this week to go to work when the temperature was below 30 degrees. It got too hot wearing it on the bus. But for standing outside at the bus stop and walking in the blizzard today, it was perfect. I can’t imagine going out without it today. Halfway to Safeway, I was getting too warm. I guess I didn’t really need to wear 3 wool sweaters!

Snow covered plantsWe had sun glasses on but ski goggles would have been better because of the wind. I forgot to wrap my face up with a scarf and my face was constantly hit by the blowing snow. When the wind was blowing really strong, I turned my back against it and I ended up walking backward a little here and there. The snow was really thick everywhere. Probably a foot in some places. And depending on where the wind was blowing, it accumulated more than 2 feet around plants like the ones at our house. I hope all our plants survive this much snow. We paid a lot of money for them.

Walking in the blizzardI don’t know how long it took to walk 0.7 mile in the blizzard but it felt like forever. A lot of people drove so the Safeway parking lot had quite a few cars. Once we were inside, I had to take some layers off. All we needed were a few bananas, Kleenex tissue, and some Christmas cards. But our first stop was cookies! Both hubby and I were not supposed to eat wheat (him) or gluten (me). Starbucks was part of the plan though and the one located inside this Safeway doesn’t have a good selection of pastries. The cookies, Chai (me) and Americano (him) really hit the spot. I brought a list of addresses to write cards while we had our drinks but I didn’t have any energy to do it.

We walked back on the same streets that we came from, at least that’s what I thought. Our old footprints were already covered by snow during the short time (an hour?) we were in the Safeway. It’s crazy. The wind didn’t get any better either. A few more times of walking backward.

iFeet buried in snowAs we were walking, we’ve already decided that we would enter the house through the garage. Once we got home, it was apparent that opening the front door was not a good idea. The snow had completely covered the threshold. Much of the window ledges were also covered by mini mountains of snow. Freezing rain is in the forecast and I don’t want to see chunks of ice forming at the bottom of our windows. So, I walked around the perimeter of the house brushing the snow off the ledges. And there was even more snow on our yard as I walked around. I could barely see my shoes! Meanwhile, hubby took pictures and swept the basement window ledges with a broom. The last thing we did was sweeping the snow off the front porch. Just now, I looked outside through the peephole of our front door. The porch is all white again. The plants are even more buried. If we don’t get the freezing rain tomorrow, digging and sweeping snow might be in the order for tomorrow.


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