I ditched Google Presentations

I used Google Docs to put together presentations that I showed at workshops in conferences the last two years.  I thought that passing out a link to the presentation to my audience is a great way to give people access to the presentation.  No hassle of collecting email addresses and sending big PowerPoint files.  Unfortunately, I’ve been unhappy with Google Presentations right from the start.  What bugs me the most is how text appears in different sizes on different operating systems.  My presentations were first built on my Mac in Firefox 2 at home.  Since the majority of the world uses Windows, I would review the presentation through the PC (also in Firefox 2) at work.  All the time and energy I spent to make the presentation looking awesome seemed to be lost on the PC. And I am not alone.  Someone else complained about the same OS-dependent problem.

Slide shown on the Mac

Slide shown on the Mac

Slide shown on the PC

Slide shown on the PC

I tried my best to revise the text and it’s still looked like crap on the PC.  I can’t believe I actually distributed the links to the presentations.  It’s down right embarrassing.  Although I also have an account with the online office suite, Zoho and used Zoho Show before, I am tired of a battle that normally would not exist in PowerPoint.  Besides, it is difficult to move objects (either text boxes or images) around the slides in both Google and Zoho anyway.  Nothing seems to appear correctly for me.  I heard that Google Docs is great for collaboration and I believe it.  For my purposes, it is not working for me.

Recently, I discovered the document sharing site, Scribd. I was really fascinated by it until I found out I cannot embed the iPaper Viewer into WordPress.com.  It is a small disappointment.  I think I can live with just linking to the viewer in WordPress and distributing links to my PowerPoint files at conferences.  As long as my presentations don’t look like crap online anymore, I am happy.


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