Sharing media on a new level

A while back, I wrote about starting to use “23” to share photos online. Soon I learned photo sharing is not the big hype after all. When I started making videos, I began searching for a site that would allow me to share photos and videos.  Several photo sharing sites added video sharing to their services but it is not enough for me.  I also want to be able to share PDF files, PowerPoint presentations, etc all in one place.  Google Docs has become somewhat limited to me in terms of storage and sharing.  I looked into online storage but free accounts have limits on storage space and file size.  I have an external hard drive to back up my computer already so I don’t really need what some online storage services offer in that arena.

I got introduced to Share on Ovi earlier this year when I stumbled into the worldwide event, Pangea Day. The event organizers promoted Share on Ovi as the site to share photos and videos.  It’s not hard to see why they promoted the site.  Pangea Day was sponsored by Nokia and Share on Ovi is a relatively new service of Nokia. I checked it out a little bit but didn’t look into it in details until I videotaped a special event for a friend.  She wanted to share the video with her family so I thought posting the video online in a private space would be the best solution instead of making copies of DVD’s.  Since then, I posted other videos and photos onto Share. The great thing about Share is you get unlimited storage and uploads and it supports many file types. The major limitation is a single file must be 100MB or less and video is limited to display 10 minutes (the norm for most video sharing sites, like YouTube).

Earlier this week, I had to put together several postcard designs for another friend to order the cards through 4by6. I was not paying for the postcards so I was not in charge of uploading the files to the site.  However, I needed to provide the postcard files front and back separately in PDF’s to my friend. With all the artwork and logos involved, the PDF files ranged from 1MB to almost 2MB each.  Both of our email accounts can handle files of that size but it became too much trouble when I had to send 6 files.  I ended up posting the files to Share in a private channel, gave my friend access and she downloaded the files at her end.  It was a smooth operation in the file sharing point of view.  There were many hiccups going through 4by6’s proofing process.  May be I need to upgrade the Adobe software on my computer.

Today, I discovered Share provides embed codes for individual media and Flash type slideshows, tickers and grids. Then I remembered prefers using VodPod to post a variety of Flash media. A combination of Share and Vodpod allows me to display this slideshow of photos I’ve taken in Hollywood a few months ago:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

And here’s the ticker of my public media on Share:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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