Using Hardy Heron for the first time

After upgrading my laptop to Ubuntu Hardy Heron, I used the laptop last night to start writing the post about the upgrade when I was watching the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony. The ceremony was spectacular but the frequent commercials were driving me nuts. I wish NBC would have shown the artistic portions commercial free.

Anyhow, Hardy connected to Wifi through the D-Link RangeBooster G PC card I bought last month smoothly. The screen was a bit too bright however. It took me a while to find out where I could change the brightness. In Feisty, I think the brightness control was in the Power Management Preferences. It is not there in Hardy. I checked up and down the Preferences and Administration menus and found nothing. Then I read a post in Ubuntu Forums about a particular brightness issue and realized there is a Brightness Applet that I need to add to the Panel. Added the applet and problem solved.

When the opening ceremony was over, I haven’t finished writing the post about the upgrade and it was already midnight. Since the Olympics is like a sports variety show, I guess I will have the laptop in front of me quite often to get over the commercials and the events that I don’t care about. May be I will find more quirky things about Hardy in the next few weeks.


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