The Dark Knight on IMAX

I read about the new Batman movie premiere in the news today and also heard that it is being shown at IMAX theaters. There is only one IMAX theater in my state showing the film. I checked the showtimes online. The shows on both Thursday and Friday nights are all sold out. If I am a serious fan, I can go to the 1:40am show on Friday (i.e. Saturday morning). That seems a bit extreme. Besides, why so serious?! I bought tickets to a mid-afternoon show on Saturday. Can’t wait!

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Update (Jul 19, 08): The IMAX experience was good. It is a large flat screen, not the OMNIMAX dome theater which I experienced at the local science museum. The screen didn’t feel wider to me but it did seem taller. There was definitely a bit more to see in certain scenes while the characters appeared larger during their closeups. As for the movie itself, there were more twists in the plots than I expected. It was not heart-pounding but it kept my brain moving. I’ve read quite a number of reviews this past week (the Los Angeles Times review was more sophisticated than others) so my expectations were quite high. I love action movies in general. There is more acting than action in this film. It’s high quality acting, however. When the previews first appeared last year, I had no idea which actor was behind the Joker’s makeup. After Heath Ledger‘s death became big news, I was completely blown away by the previews I saw earlier this year, especially because I have seen Brokeback Mountain. Heath’s performance mesmerized me. I believed he was the Joker whereas Jack Nicholson acted out a character. I highly recommend the film. And I certainly hope director Christopher Nolan will continue to make the Batman movies because the Dark Knight has finally been done right on screen.


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