D-Link RangeBooster G PC card works with Ubuntu

Since I repeated my feat of installing Ubuntu Feisty Fawn on the second laptop I got from the auction at work, I haven’t bought a wireless PC card for it. For the first laptop, I bought a TRENDnet TEW-441PC Wireless Super G PC Card for $14.99 at Circuit City and it worked flawlessly with Ubuntu. I felt hesitant to buy a different card since it is hard to tell if any other PC cards work just as well. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get the TRENDnet card locally anymore. Buy online would cost me $29.99 on the Circuit City website and they don’t offer the mail-in rebate that was available for my last purchase. They do offer free shipping for orders over $24. But in the spirit of not wasting all the materials and fuel involved in shipping, I decided to look for another wireless PC card to buy locally.

A few weeks ago, I started to receive brown paper bags of special 15% off at OfficeMax through work. I couldn’t think of anything to take advantage of the sale except for stocking up on ink and toner cartridges for the printers at home. Then it came to me that I should buy another wireless PC card. I checked the OfficeMax website to see which brands of PC cards they offer and then look up the brands on MadWifi just like my first time looking for a compatible wireless card. I decided on the D-Link WNA-2330 RangeBooster G Notebook Adapter. Although it cost me $33.99 with the 15% off – much more than the TRENDnet card, it wasn’t too much of a gamble to me. I put the D-Link card in the laptop and without doing much else, it connected to the wireless network at home. It feels too good to be true. I am going to take the laptop out to a few local cafes to see if it would be as successful with public Wifi hotspots.


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