Need help to improve public Wifi security on my laptop

I recently read several articles such as this one about the vulnerability of public wifi hotspots. I have been searching for free wifi security solution for my Linux laptop ever since. The main problem is most free or even paid solutions such as AnchorFree Hotspot Shield are not set up for Linux. I read many discussions about using OpenVPN but it would mean that I set up a computer as a VPN server at home. One of the possible paid solutions that has advertised to support Linux is HotSpotVPN. Is there really no free and home server-less solution out there for Linux?


2 thoughts on “Need help to improve public Wifi security on my laptop

  1. The BirdsSoft VPN-X service looks interesting. Is it easy to use? However, the person who provides this service is based in Shanghai, China. Do you think we can trust a free VPN service coming through the “Great Firewall of China”?

    I am going to take a look at strongSwan. Looks difficult but they also have a web-based graphical interface. By the way, what does “IPsec-based” mean?


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